Aspects That Determine the Cost of a Fencing Project

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Fencing ProjectA property that doesn't have any fencing cannot guarantee security. Although installing one is a task most homeowners consider pricey, its benefits outweigh the overall cost factor. Whether you have adequate money to craft an attractive fence around your property or you just want to fence around the swimming pool, drafting a budget for such a project is important.

The cost of installing an aluminum fence may vary depending on different aspects. Let this article enlighten you. 

Post count

It’s good to note that the fence panels can’t stand without support posts. In most cases, each post is installed between two fence panels. The mistake most people make is assuming that the posts and fence panels are sold together. Different posts are priced differently depending on the dimensions, just as with gate sections. Most additions such as solar post lights, post ball caps and welded plates increase the cost of the fence project.

Perimeter dimensions

Although considering perimeter dimensions is critical when coming up with a budget for the fencing project, one doesn’t have much control over it. Actually, the fencing cost would increase if the area you want to secure is larger. Normally, most fencing comes in 6 to7 feet panels. Although the 7 feet panels are a little bit expensive, they are the most economical to buy since they help reduce the number of posts and panels during installation. You eventually save the cost of buying extra posts and panels that would have otherwise made your budget get bloated.

Height of the fence

A taller aluminum fence will definitely require more materials and this means you would jet in some more money for the project. While some fences may be 36-inches high, others may be as tall as 72-inches high. If you intend to enclose a sizeable space, a shorter fence would be more economical and appropriate. In fact, you can save up to 40 dollars per panel by choosing a shorter fence. However, one should first check the insurance requirements and local building codes before choosing a shorter fence to reduce cost.

Everyone wishes to enclose their entire property or swimming pool with a beautiful aluminum fence. But although they know the fencing type and design they would wish to install, some homeowners sometimes overlook certain cost aspects. The cost aspects above will help you come up with a more accurate aluminum fence cost budget.

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