What to Ask Your Wet Hire Service Provider

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ExcavationBeing an earth mover requires three Es – expertise, experience and equipment. These are all necessary to do an excellent job. But there are other things to consider than the actual project. You should ask your would-be contractor these questions:

What equipment will they use?

All professional excavators should be using accredited excavator equipment in accordance with safety laws.

Do they have work insurance?

Insurance coverage is never to be left out at the beginning of your transaction. The coverage should extend both to the equipment and the workers. These are all in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) laws, says Roche Mini Excavating. They also must have property damage coverage.

How many construction projects similar to yours have they completed?

Although, it is not necessary to do background checks, you may want to know how familiar your contractor is to your project. It also helps if you can see the finished project to judge their skills.

Do they include asbestos removal?

Requesting for asbestos removal is not an easy process. Asbestos, a renowned toxic waste, is under national laws with regards waste disposal. A special local government permit is necessary for proper disposal. Only a licensed excavator is allowed to carry on with this kind of project.

Will they be using subcontractors for their projects?

Subcontractors will also get paid, so you should be informed about the payment method including their subcontractors. This goes to say that these subcontractors are also well-equipped and insured.

What are their payment options?

There are many scams related to excavation. That includes hidden charges that only pop up after the actual project. You must understand everything in the contract before signing or you may risk facing a lawsuit.

Hiring a contractor is not something you always do unless you are in the construction or estate business. It is important that you know what to look for and demand your rights as a client.

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