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All About Arborists and the Services They Offer

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Tree ServicesTypical homeowners can easily maintain and take care of flowers and other garden plants. However, when it comes to trees, it’s a different story. There are professionals who are dedicated to the care and maintenance of trees. They are arborists.

Arborists are trained in the art and science of planting, care and maintenance of trees. They provide various tree services, ranging from tree condition evaluation to pruning and insect and disease control. To learn more about these professionals, here are some of the services they commonly provide:

Tree Pruning

Arborists prune certain parts of trees for several reasons. For one, pruning helps maintain the health of landscape trees. Second, it’s one way to improve the appearance of the trees. Lastly, it’s also for safety purposes. Dead branches, for instance, need to be cut as they may cause accidents to people or damage to property. Pruning of fruit trees, meanwhile, requires a different method.

Tree Removal

Arboriculture professionals are also trained in removing trees and tree stumps. They help in the chopping and dismantling of trees that are dead or storm damaged. In case of tree stumps, arborists use grinder to remove the remaining part of the tree, including the roots.

Tree Surgery

These professionals also offer various procedures to maintain tree health and salvage disease or pest infected trees. Some also call such services as surgery. This explains why arborists are also often called tree surgeons. Common services include crown cleaning, deadwooding and crown reducing. Tree surgeons in Perth also offer other services such as transplanting of trees of various sizes.

Tree Health Care

Many arboriculture experts also offer other essential tree care services. These include water management, mulching and fertilisation solutions. They also diagnose and treat various conditions.

If you have trees that need care, pruning or total removal, it’s important to leave the job to tree specialists. Trees aren’t like typical flowers and plants in your garden; they need special care from the experts. Go for certified arborists to work on your tree project.

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