Adoption Doesn’t Really Mean Giving Up

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AdoptionThere are many misconceptions about adoption. For most people, the immediate assumption is that the mother is making the choice to give a child up because she either does not want the child or does not have the emotional or financial capacity to raise the baby.

The reality, however, is that they are giving their child an opportunity to lead a meaningful and successful life. By choosing adoption over abortion, mothers acknowledge that they cannot raise a child properly and want to give the baby the best chances by giving the opportunity to a couple or family with the means to do so.

Giving up a baby up for adoption is probably the hardest thing a birth mother could ever do. There is nothing bad about it, however, because it only shows that they care about the baby and what’s best for them. shares what it really means to put a baby up for adoption:

Quite the Opposite

Adoption means giving a child a better shot at life with a loving couple or family capable of support in a way that a birthmother cannot. In many cases, it allows the mother an opportunity to choose a family that fits all the dreams and hopes they have for the child. They put their babies into the arms of grateful loving families that can offer adequate support and guidance.

Always a Good Choice

Adoption is a more likely route for women who become pregnant during their teenage years. This is because women at this age feel they cannot take full responsibility of motherhood at such a young age. Adoption is good choice because there is no need to worry about how to support their needs and that of their newborn child’s.

A Chance for Interaction

Adoptions today are very different compared to the setups of decades past. Birth mothers now have the opportunity to see how their baby grows up through pictures, letters, and even phone calls. Gone are the days when the only choice was a closed adoption, which meant that a birth mother has zero contact the moment she signs the papers to give her child up. This assures mothers that their child will grow up in safe hands.

Placing a baby up for adoption does not mean that a mother simply wants the easy way out or doesn’t care. Sometimes, it is the best decision they can make, especially when they don’t have enough resources to support the child.

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