A Guide to Achieving the Perfect Wrap for Your Vehicle

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car wrapsCustom car graphics and car wraps have experienced a significant surge over the past few years. For that reason, the majority of print shops are now cashing in on the growth by offering vehicle-wrapping services.

From the vehicle preparation to graphic design and having the ideal tools, there is also the knowledge that will make every car owner wiser. That said, here are three factors that ensure you get high-quality car wraps in Fort Worth. Rockwall Wraps gives you the low down.

Wrapping Material Combination

Just like with any other service or product, with car wraps, you get what you pay for. If you are focused on longevity and quality, then you must use a high-quality vinyl product. Additionally, note that if you choose a high-quality vinyl but a low-quality overlaminate, your car wrap will not last. As such, if your budget allows, combine a high-quality vinyl with a cast laminate and not a calendared laminate. Reason being, the latter fades much faster than the former.

Wrap Design

The world is not flat, and neither is the surface of your vehicle. Choose a designer who has the latest vehicle templates as well as the right tools. This ensures that your wrap message or image is not distorted or sliced up into pieces. Every curve, space, or angle of your car must be considered. Ignoring these segments will get you a wrap design that is difficult to read and understand.

Post Installation Check

This is the most overlooked and ignored part of a car wrap installation, because it is both boring and time-consuming. In this section, an installer must use a heat gun to go over the curved and recessed areas of the wrap. Using a digital thermometer, the installer must ensure that every inch of these sections reaches the degrees required by the manufacturer – 50 degrees from solid color wraps and 90 degrees for printed media. The essence of this exercise is because vinyl wraps have PVC in them. Unfortunately, PVC allows the vinyl to keep a memory such that when it is heated and overstretched, it will shrink and pull back to its original shape. Reaching the recommended temperatures ensures that the vinyl stays in the perfect shape.

Sometimes, you may follow all the steps and still have problems with your wrap. This is where customer service professionals come in handy. Make sure to contact them immediately so that the problem does not escalate and damage the entire wrap.

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