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A Checklist of What to Do When Moving to a New Home

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new homeMoving to a new home is one of the most exciting yet exhausting moments you can ever imagine. Aside from the separation anxiety before finally moving out and transferring to a new address in Perth, packing and unpacking all of your things are strenuous activities that can drain you out. Without a good plan and a clear checklist, you might just forget the most important things before and when moving home — and fatigue and stress will replace the excitement.

Do not let this happen by following the tips below.
1. Buy your boxes, duct and packaging tapes, and other packing supplies.

The other parts of moving into a new address can already be very costly. Find cheap buys for your packing materials and save your money for everything else. Use old clothes, curtains, newspapers, and magazines to wrap breakables and secure fragile materials.

2. Measure your new home.

Take measurements of places where you intend to place particular furniture so you can plan your interior. For kit homes, Perth-based adds, which are built with pre-fabricated framings and other components, you can have a good idea of the size of each major area based on what you got from your builder.

3. Find a reliable, affordable truck with the right size.

Make sure you know the dimensions of the truck and that all your stuff will fit inside. Taking multiple trips will cost you double, so it is best to bring everything at once as much as possible.

4. Sort and pack.

Sort out your stuff—dispose of the unnecessary things, and keep together those that should be brought in the same room or area. Label each box with its destination (bedroom 1, kitchen, living, dining, etc.) and the contents. It will also be helpful to label boxes by their weight (heavy, light) so your movers will know where and how they would stack them during transportation.

5. Unload, clean, and unpack.

When you arrive at your new house, unload your stuff according to their destination. Dust off your furniture, and start unpacking your things by room.

Relocating should never be more stressful than necessary. Follow these tips for a smooth moving experience.

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