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6 Things You Should Know About Moving To A Different State

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Moving is a tedious process at best, and for out-of-state moves, it can be a new level of challenging. Are you moving to a different state soon? Read these tips before you start planning.

Are you moving to another state for a new job? To be closer to the family? Or just want a change in scenery? Whatever the reason may be, moving to a different state is several degrees more difficult than moving within the state. There are a lot of things to consider, such as distance, logistics, and finding a reliable provider, whether you are getting a removals company in Melbourne or Tasmania. Luckily, Bells Removals and Storage some tips for you that should make your move much easier:

1. Find the right moving company

Look for a moving company that specialises in long-distance hauls, preferably one that has excellent reviews and a good reputation in the area. Read reviews online to find the best moving company for your out-of-state move. You can also ask around for recommendations to narrow down your search.

2. Downsize your home

The amount of stuff that you have to move to your new location is going to affect the difficulty and cost of your relocation. Therefore, it is wise to downsize your home before moving, more so if you are moving to a smaller house. Get rid of the stuff that you don’t need or want anymore by donating them, handing them off to friends and family, or throwing them in the trash. You can also sell unwanted possessions to help with the moving costs.

3. Prepare to have your car shipped

When moving to a new state, it is not always an option to drive your vehicles there by yourself. Search for a reputable auto transport company to ship your cars to your new home. Since there is a strong possibility that you will arrive at your new home before your car does, think about your modes of transportation for that time.

4. Update accounts before moving

Messenger holding the mailHave the utilities prepared in your new home in advance, preferably a week or two before you arrive at the house. In this way, you’ll have electricity, running water, and Internet access as soon as you get there. Don’t forget to update your mailing address on all of your accounts so that any remaining bills or notifications can still reach you.

5. Carry the essentials with you

On long-distance moves, your belongings typically won’t arrive at your new home all at once. It can take 1-14 days before all of your things are shipped to your house since moving companies use one truck to transport stuff of multiple clients. Thus, you should carry your essentials with you instead of the moving van, including money, valuables, relevant documents, and enough clothes and toiletries to last you until the rest of your things arrive.

6. Say goodbye

If you’re moving out of state, then there’s a high chance you won’t see your loved ones from your old state for a long time. Before moving, make it a point to say a proper goodbye to everybody through a party, a social media announcement, or a simple text message.


Moving out of state is a logistical challenge that not everybody can go through without copious amounts of stress. But with these tips, you can make your move at least a little bit easier.

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