5 Water Damage Cleanup DON’Ts

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Ceiling damage due to water leakWater damage is dreadful. But it can be more costly, dangerous, and devastating if you make some avoidable cleanup mistakes. Here are five DON’Ts to avoid during water damage cleanup and restoration.

Don’t try DIY-ing the cleanup

One primary consideration when thinking about who should do the mold cleanup job is the size of the moldy patch.

Don’t attempt the task if there has been significant water damage or the moldy area is more than approximately 10 square feet. Instead, call a water damage restoration contractor in Salt Lake City.

Don’t take your time

If you have a water problem, you have to act quickly. The longer you wait to seek help, the more likely mold will develop. And the longer the fungus grows, the more damage it will cause.

Don’t use bleach without taking safety precautions

If you decide to use bleach to clean up some mold, you must take adequate safety precautions. Don’t use bleach in closed spaces. Do not mix bleach with acids, ammonia, or other cleaners. Don’t use bleach without first putting on personal protective equipment (PPE) to shield your nose, eyes, mouth, and skin.

Don’t keep moldy porous materials

Don’t consume or keep any floodwater-damaged food. Also, it’s best to throw out moldy absorbent or porous materials and anything else that can’t be washed and disinfected. It’s tough to eradicate the entire mold growing in empty spaces or crevices in porous materials.

For absorbent stuff with sentimental or significant monetary value, place the items in a freezer ASAP and call a water damage restoration specialist.

Don’t caulk or paint moldy surfaces

Paint applied over wet or moldy surfaces will peel. Accordingly, before painting or caulking, clean up the entire mold and thoroughly dry the surfaces.

Your response to a water problem in your home will determine the extent of the damage the water will cause. Act quickly and avoid common cleanup pitfalls to prevent further damage to your property.

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