Rain Water Tanks

5 Tips To Choose The Best Location For Your Water Tank

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Rain Water TanksWater tanks are ideal for people looking to harvest rainwater, those who love farming, and anyone who would like to have a surplus amount of water. Unknown to many, where you place your water tank determines its durability and performance. That’s why it’s important to take the time to determine the best location for your tank.

Right here in Victoria, you can get the best possible rebate on your water tank by knowing where to place it. Here are some useful tips.

The Slope of the Site

Choose a location that is away from retaining walls. A level ground works the best for tanks as it provides a stable ground. So if you have a site in mind that is not leveled, have it excavated to make the ground level.

Proximity to Toilets and Laundry

Now, if you’re likely to use the water for the toilet or your washing machine, you’ll need a plumber to install it. That means that the shorter the run of the pipe work from your tank site to the appliances, the less you’ll incur in installation.

Downpipe Location

Water harvesting works best when your water tank is close to your downpipes. Having many downpipes connected to feed your tank makes work easier. Diverting downpipes or running them horizontally over a long distance only leads to more expenses and compromises the efficiency of your unit.

The Consumer Compliance Checklist

Before buying water tanks, check to see what the consumer compliance checklist says. Some council will require you to pay more if you want to place your tank in a specific location.

Select a Tank that Suits Your Location

Some tanks may not effectively fit your preferred location. You can place it elsewhere or choose a different size or shape. There are different styles and colors.

Knowing the best place to install your tank will determine its performance and durability. Talk to a trusted tank manufacturer who will advise you on the right type of water tank and where to install it to get the ultimate performance.

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