5 Things You Shouldn’t Do if Your Furnace Breaks Down in the Middle of Winter

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A professional working on a furnace repairStaying warm during the cold months is important not only for your family’s comfort but their safety as well. And if your furnace decides to break down in the middle of winter, you might find yourself in a very unpleasant home situation.

Plumbing expert All Hours Plumbing believes that it’s best to call a furnace service company in Salt Lake City immediately to make sure you’ll get the prompt assistance you need. A broken furnace is not a minor situation to be in so make sure you don’t do these five things if it happens to you.

1. Leave Your Pipes Alone

It’s important to insulate outdoor pipes before the weather gets cold. During extremely low temperatures, your pipes can freeze and burst if your heat goes out. If you weren’t able to insulate your outdoor pipes, you could let air circulate around them by opening your cabinet doors.

2. Leave Your Furnace On

Your furnace can break down because of an electrical problem, broken parts, or gas line issues. Turning your furnace off as soon as it breaks down will help keep you safe until you find out what the root of the problem is.

3. Stay in Separate Rooms

The best way to conserve the warm air in your home is to all gather in a single room and shut it out from the rest of the house. This will ensure that you’ll only need heat for that one room. If you have a fireplace, make sure everyone is in that room and that entrances to that room are closed.

4. Ignore Any Foul Smell

A broken furnace may also be caused by a natural gas leak. Suppliers of natural gas usually add a certain scent to it to make it easier to detect. If you smell rotten food together with a furnace break down, leave your home and call a professional.

5. Try to Fix It Yourself

Unless your an HVAC professional yourself, trying to fix a broken furnace when you don’t know how to may only make things worse. The best move would still be to call someone who knows how to fix a furnace—a professional.

Keep in mind that a broken furnace doesn’t only make everyone uncomfortable. It can also be dangerous for you and your family. So, make sure you have these things covered and next time have a professional conduct a full inspection and maintenance routine before the cold months begin.

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