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5 Practical Reasons to Install Window Tints This Instant

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Window TintsStill unsure whether window tinting film will look good on your windows or if they’re really a great investment as manufacturers would have you believe? Here are five excellent reasons you should consider installing window tints right now:

1. Energy and Money Savings

Do you know that your bare glass windows may be costing you those extra dollars every month? Solar window tints effectively reduce a significant amount of heat from the sun, which in turn considerably lowers your air conditioning expenses, and consequently, your energy bill. They are also capable of reducing fluctuations of temperature from loss of cool air.

2. Major Comfort

Some extra dollars in your pocket are not all you can get from tinted windows’ temperature regulating abilities. You also get to experience daily comfort regardless if it’s the winter or summer months. Tinted windows eliminate hot spots coming from glaringly bright sunlight during warmer months and freezing air escaping through your glass windows during the cooler months. Simply put, when you invest in high quality window tints, your window will considerably aid in trapping heat and keeping the cold out.

3. Superior Protection from UV Rays

Low-E or low emissivity windows tints greatly help in blocking out as much as 99% of UV rays from sneaking indoors. This is great news for your skin, as well as your furniture and flooring, most especially if you’re a big fan of hardwood which tends to fade when exposed to extreme sunlight. According to, the clear light coming through your window tinting film will be able to efficiently light up your home, minus the damaging effects of UV rays.

4. Clearer and More Beautiful Views

Two words—reduced glare. Tinted windows are able to let in natural light in appropriate amounts and provide wider and crisper views of the outside from all angles. This is done by tempering sunlight coming into your home and minimising both the glass and sunshine’s reflective properties.

5. Increased Security and Privacy

When done properly and with the right window tints, you can easily make your home more private and secure. Window tints in darker shades serve to keep prying eyes out and can deter burglars since they can’t really see inside to make sure if your house is empty.

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