5 Essentials Items to Improve Your Bathroom’s Aesthetic Appeal

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BathroomKeeping your bathroom sparkling clean and totally comfortable is important because this is where you can relax before leaving home and rejuvenate after a tiring day. It should be visually appealing, spacious, and fragrant. What exactly makes a bathroom lovely? Below, Bowery Lighting Imports shares some of the things you need to improve your bathroom.

Good Lighting

Lighting is important in every room. For the bathroom, you need bright or dim bathroom lights to match whatever your mood is. You must also buy some scented candles to set the mood for when you want to spend hours relaxing while soaked in the bathtub.

Towel Sets

You should always have at least one towel set available in the bathroom because you’ll never know when they will come in handy. A purely white-colored set is essential. If you have kids, throw in some towel sets with pastel colors or patterns just to make it more interesting for them.

Bath Rug and Mat

Rugs and mats are important to keep the bathroom floor dry and prevent people from slipping. Place the bath mat just outside the bathroom. You should have one small rug beneath the sink and a bigger one just outside the shower or beneath the bathtub.

Shower Organizer

If you only put your toiletries in one corner of the bathroom, chances are you will misplace things and you can’t keep them organized. A shower organizer is the way to go to make your often-used toiletries accessible. You can store the ones you don’t use regularly in the bathroom cabinet.


There nothing more upsetting and uncomfortable than not having hooks to place clothes on. It can either be plastic or metal. Just choose the one that will fit your bathroom’s look. Buy thick, durable ones that can last long.

Don’t forget these essentials when designing or updating your bathroom. They will definitely make your everyday bathing experience better.

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