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4 Ways to Make Your Market Stall Pop

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Pop up events where you can sell your items by renting space and putting up a stall can be a very lucrative side business. It can even help make your current business mobile, if you haven’t expanded to multiple branches.

pop-up tentParticipating in bazaars or putting up stalls in marketplaces can be tough to attract customers. The best thing you can do is design your stall with intent and make sure it is eye-catching and interesting enough for shoppers.

Make Your Stall Stand Out

In a row of similar-looking stalls, yours can pop right out of the line-up by changing the color of your event pop up tent. Just by coloring your roof with something bright, or using colorful linens and curtains to drape around your area will give you that extra factor that draws the eye.

Big and Bold Signage

Don’t just wait for customers to wander towards where you are. Attract them with a catchy business name and an even catchier logo. Treat your pop up tent as you would a shop front. A good, clear label that can be seen ways away will put you in every casual stroller’s mind.

Keep it Bright

When the bazaar runs through the night, light will be the element that draws customers to your stall. Strategically place spotlights and lighting to highlight your best selling items, and use different colors to make your small space come alive and look inviting in the dark.

Use Detailed Decors

Whatever it is you are selling, you can use small knickknacks as decorative elements that are easy to move around or even sell, if you have any takers. These will add more depth and design to your small stall. Treat your small space as a mini stall.

Make sure the design decisions you make for your tent are related to the product or service you’re selling. It may be tempting to have the flashiest stall around, but your customer will appreciate a seamless and cohesive display instead of being promised one thing and delivered another.

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