4 Space-Saving Strategies for Small Living Rooms

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When we talk about living rooms, we often imagine a big area filled with bulky and space-occupying cabinets, sofas, shelves, chairs, and tables and a lot of room to walk around and stretch. So when you move into an apartment or house with a small living room, it becomes confusing to figure out how to fit all those staple furniture and features you see in a typical living room. The biggest challenge with a small living room is balancing comfort, space, and utility — to have a room filled with furniture fit for recreation where people can hang out and relax, all the while trying to make sure that it doesn’t look and feel cramped.

Below, we’ll look at different strategies you can employ to make your small living room look cosy and spacious despite its limited space:

Layout: Rethink and Remove

If you’re moving into a small living room that’s already fully furnished but feels and looks too crowded, perhaps a few rearrangements and removals are all it takes for it to be perfect. You’ll want to make an audit of sorts and decide whether or not a certain piece of furniture is necessary for that living room. Perhaps you don’t need all three chairs and a sofa, or that second cabinet that’s only filled with figurines and old keepsakes. Next off, take note of (and measure) all the remaining furniture and appliances in your furnished living room and try to draw a layout that maximizes and promotes better flow.

Smaller Furniture

Size matters, especially when it comes to choosing furniture for a small living room. If your home or apartment’s living room is not furnished, or you simply want to spruce it up, then you’ll want to make sure that your furniture will allow for more space — not only for other furniture, but also for legroom when sitting and for you to comfortably walk around. If you’re having trouble finding the perfectly-sized furniture that fits your style in local furniture shops, there are online shops that sell custom furniture of all shapes and sizes in Singapore such as designer coffee tables, sofas, and even armchairs.

Think Vertical: Wall-Mounted Shelves

Small living room

Cabinets and tables that function mainly for storage can take up a huge amount of floor space, which you don’t have in surplus. Luckily, there are many wall-mounted cabinets and shelves available to fit any style and can be the perfect alternative for your storage needs.

Natural Lighting

Letting in sunlight won’t exactly help out with adding more space to your tiny living room, but it can make it look spacious and breathable. It also helps you save on your home’s energy consumption. Your living room layout should ensure that no furniture blocks natural light from your windows. Speaking of windows, you may also want to consider having wider ones to let more light in.

It can be quite challenging to make a breathable, relaxing, and spacious living room if you have limited space, but with these simple tips, you can have a cozy living room that doesn’t feel cramped.

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