4 Smart Things to Do Before Winter

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Man checking the HVAC for winterWhile winter does not come as a surprise for anyone, many homeowners are rarely prepared for it by the time the snow starts falling. Cold temperatures can be very hazardous, and it is crucial to take steps to ensure your home is safe and warm throughout the season.

The best time to do so is weeks before temperatures start to fall. Take these smart steps to guarantee your family’s comfort.

Check your heating systems

Get a professional to inspect your heating system to make sure it is functioning properly. If the system has been giving your trouble repeatedly, now’s the time to consider furnace replacement by a reliable 24-hour HVAC company in West Valley such as desertstarhvac.com.

Make sure the fireplaces and chimneys are clean too. Do not forget to install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Get your home winter ready

Inspect your home for holes and cracks through which heat from your house may escape and seal them. Suspect areas include window and door frames. Insulate any water lines running along your exterior walls. Check whether the gutters are clean too. Inspect the roof for any leaks and fix them.

Prepare your car

If you are going to be using your car during the winter, get it ready for the cold. Make sure you have serviced the radiator. Always maintain antifreeze levels. Replace the current tires with snow tires. Fill the fuel tank to prevent ice in the tank. Invest in a wintertime formula for your windshield washer.

Get ready for emergencies

It is likely that you will face weather-related challenges such as power outages, snowstorms and so on. Prepare for such problems early enough. For instance, stock food that does not need refrigeration or cooking.

Keep your phone fully charged at all times. Keep a first-aid kit handy. Buy extra batteries for your flashlight and radio.

Your experience during the winter will largely depend on how well-prepared you are for the season. By taking precautions early enough, you can make sure that you and your loved ones get through the period with minimal discomfort.

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