4 Easy Tricks to Keep Housebreakers Away

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Keeping the bad guys away doesn’t always mean having the latest equipment for home security. There are certain tricks that every homeowner can do to ensure that their homes stay safe from burglars and delinquents. Check out these four tricks to learn how.

Start from Outside

Metal fence gates provide a better view from outside and inside instead of solid walls. Thieves and bad guys will not dare attack a house or property that is in plain sight. Having taller fence gates also help compared with gates which you can jump over.

Secure the Doors and Windows

Housebreakers will always look for an easy way into their target homes or properties. Doors and windows are the most vulnerable part of the house to break into. The only way to avoid this is to make it difficult for thieves to break in by reinforcing locks on doors and windows.

Invest in Good Exterior Lighting

Another rule to follow is to have good lighting, especially outside. Homes with too much light outside are less prone to burglary. It will make them very obvious to neighbors. Having a motion sensor like motion lights outside can also help keep the bad guys away. Also, it would be good not to have valuable things in plain sight. Sometimes, too, the exterior lighting emphasizes them during the night.

Get a Guard Dog

Practically, a dog’s bark is the easiest and most convenient kind of alarm that a family can have against intruders or strangers. Of course having the right kind of dog is important, too. German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Bull Terriers are just some examples of attack or guard dogs.

Honestly, not one house can be totally theft-proof. However, homeowners can make their houses are less of a target by making it secure and a not-so-easy target.

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