4 Creative Hacks to Stand Out in a Trade Show

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Participating in a trade show is a great opportunity to establish your company’s authority in your industry. Brand owners can demonstrate the new services and products of their company, observe market trends, and meet important customers and partners.

The biggest trade show in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is a platform for companies to showcase recent developments in their technology. Standing out in a trade show like the CES can be a challenging task, though. More than innovative ideas and persuasive sales pitches, creativity is an important factor if business owners want attention on their booths. Here are things you can do to stick out in the crowd:

Ditch Sitting Down

Don’t wait for your clients to approach you while you’re sitting at a table. It pays to be pro-active. Ditch the chair and join the crowd. Delegate one of your staff to stand outside and divert traffic to your booth.

Unusual Gifts

Enough with the boring pens. Giving out unusual items during a trade show can create a buzz. Headphones, socks, sunglasses or even a quirky shirt will not only help you stand out, it can also create a line to your booth that will spark the curiosity of the rest of the attendees.

Costumed Character

Vonazon suggests that, much like a mascot, presenting a live, interactive branded character can also bring visitors to your booth in an enthusiastic and energetic way. It will encourage visitors to take a picture with your living brand and share it on social media.

Hashtag It

To maximize your visibility on social media pages, provide a hashtag people can use in their posts when they are sharing their experiences in your booth. Give prizes to people with the most creative posts.

Don’t be just a boring participant in your next trade show. Create a buzz, stand out, and most importantly, have fun while you promote your brand. Creating a positive and lively mood will help people associate the fun experience with your company.

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