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4 Baby Gift Ideas that Your Friend Will Sincerely Thank You For

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handmade baby shoesDo you have a friend who has an infant or a toddler? Are you looking for gift ideas for that adorably small human being? Here are four essential gift items that your friend will sincerely thank you for.


Babies’ bodies may be way, way smaller than yours but their clothes may cost just as much as yours do. If you find animal-themed onesies in that infant section of your favorite clothing brand, consider buying it for your friend’s child. You can also purchase soft-soled, handmade baby shoes that Little Ernie can use when he learns to walk. Your friend will thank you for buying that comfy baby hat for her kid, too.


What’s more adorable than a baby enjoying a bubble bath? Give your friend that no-tears-formula shampoo and soap that they can use for their mother-and-daughter bath. Add some baby skin-friendly oils, lotions, and powder so Little Ellen will stay fresh and sweet-smelling.

Ask your friend about the diaper brand she’s using for her girl, too, and give that as a gift. She’ll surely appreciate the gesture.

Milk and Baby Food

Milk is the essential source of nourishment for newborns and if your friend is not in the breastfeeding stage anymore, she probably spends hundreds of dollars on milk. You’re heard your friend complain a million times about the ridiculous price of infant formula and maybe it’s a hint and a tip for you to buy a huge carton of that golden powder as a gift.

You can also give bottles of baby food if your friend’s kid is starting to eat solid food. There are a lot of organic brands to choose from. Think of giving your friend a blender and baby food recipe book so she can just puree carrots, potatoes, and squash for a healthier nourishment option.

Educational Toys

As most psychologists say, learning begins at home. Give a crib mobile to introduce the basic colors. Shape and color sorters are also educational toys. Wrap your old classic story books so your friend can start reading her tyke to sleep as well.

Giving these gifts to your friend’s baby shows your love and support. You can help nourish Little John through these highly useful items.

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