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3 Ways to Own a House Soon and Kiss Renting Goodbye for Good

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Properties for Sale in SydneyAs a young professional, you rent a small granny flat. Years and a handful of promotions later, you still live in the same unit — just a little jaded about paying a right to live in a place you would never own and making your property owner richer. In addition, you’re recently engaged; and renting a relatively old secondary dwelling with another family next to your door is not how you want to start your married life. As you ponder your fast-approaching future, you decided it’s time to have your own house.

Home ownership is everybody’s dream, but only a few are fortunate to realise it. If you know you’re financially ready, nothing should stop you from quitting renting. To get you started, do these three things:

Shop for Real Estate Soon

In case you don’t know, experts predict the housing prices, especially in scorching markets, would soon fall down. As the supply continues to outpace demand, and building approvals keep on pouring, an extensive selection of real estate for sale in Sydney and Melbourne might soon drop in pricing. Although economists say it’s a bad thing, the silver lining of the housing bubble is that homes and lots would become affordable.

For people like you, who want to switch from renting to owning, the next couple of months is an exciting period.

Consider a Modular Home

Australia has a surplus of completed properties, but if you want to design your home from scratch without waiting for months for the construction to complete, a prefabricated modular house might sound the perfect solution. Its only difference from the conventionally built dwelling is that the sections of your future house are made indoors — and everything is virtually the same.

If you call a manufacturer now and agreed on the plan, you can expect to move into your new home in just two to four weeks.

Start Saving Now

The financing provider can take care of the majority of the land and property’s purchase price, of course, but you save enough for a deposit to secure a favourable mortgage. Putting down 5% is customary, but the more is usually the better.

The road to home ownership is always the right path to take but paved with pitfalls. Be prudent, do your due diligence and play your cards right.

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