3 Ways to Open Up Your Home to More Sun and People

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Home Improvements in AspleyHomes have their own personalities and characters. There is a reason people feel immediately welcome and relaxed when they step into a house, even if it is their first time to be there.

You too can make your home more welcoming and brighter by following these simple tips:

Change Your Paint Colour

White walls are a blank canvas for many homeowners, but adding some colour in your living room lifts the spirit and spruces up the interior design. Spring colours, such as yellow and mint green, make the place more relaxing and lively. This is particularly true if you have a lot of old wooden furniture at home.

Remove Clutter

If you have too many pictures hanging on the walls and you are already bumping into old furniture, it may be time to get rid of some of them. Leave the pieces that you actually use or want and let go of the rest. A clean living space makes you feel more comfortable, relaxed and at home. Having more space and less clutter makes your house look brighter as well.

Add Window Treatments

Windows let natural light in and aerate the place. Open up those windows and add window treatments to regulate the amount of light and air coming in. Aluminium plantation shutters, as explained by Timber Interiors, are an excellent window solution to increase the curb appeal of your home and add character to its overall design. This type of window treatment likewise allows you to open your windows and glass doors whilst retaining privacy.

By following these tips, your home will be less gloomy, more inviting and more comfortable to live in. You can even invite guests for small gatherings or an afternoon tea. You will immediately notice a change in their behaviour once they step inside your home.

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