3 Ways to Increase the Comfort in Your Home This Summer

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window and air conditioner of a home for ventilationExtreme heat during the summer can greatly affect your comfort. It is during times like this that you have to crank up your AC to try and keep your body temperature down. If you do not have an AC, then this would be a perfect time to get one that is not only energy efficient but also effective.

The cost of ducted air conditioning in Sydney and the bills accrued from using it can seem discouraging. Conduct Air Conditioning knows this. However, there are ways to improve the cost-effectiveness of your AC while keeping your home comfortable.

1. Use natural ventilation

Open all your windows and doors for natural cooling during the day instead of relying entirely on an AC. This will save you a lot of money that could have gone into high utility costs.

Besides, you get to aerate your house to reduce unhealthy pollutants in the air. Make sure to clean your window sills and screens to prevent dust-filled air from being blown to your home.

2. Find cheaper options

Consider installing a ceiling fan as it uses less energy compared with air conditioners. Additionally, a ceiling fan spreads out cool air all over the entire room. Also, invest in a dehumidifier to extract water from the air and make your house less humid. This will, in turn, regulate the temperatures in your home.

3. Use of heat-generating appliances less

Try not to use any heat-generating appliances. Summer is the perfect time to grill instead of bake, therefore give your oven a break. You should also reduce the use of lamps and clothes dryers as they tend to produce heat. Keep your drapes closed to avoid the sun from heating up your room, too.

An air conditioner plays a crucial role in temperature regulation in your home. If you have kids, an air conditioner is an indispensable addition. If you have no idea of the best type for your home, always feel free to contact an expert for help.

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