3 Undeniable Benefits of Securing a Singapore PR Status

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Singapore PR StatusIf you love Singapore and dream to enjoy more freedom in this prosperous nation, then a Permanent Residence status is your golden ticket. As a matter of fact, thousands of foreigners apply for the Blue Card and go through the hassles that come with it just for the privilege of being considered a “second-class resident” of the Lion City.

The PR status offers a myriad of benefits, which are otherwise out of your reach if you’re just a tourist or an immigrant worker in Singapore. The SAF Volunteer Corps lists some of them:

Right to Live in SG without Visa Restrictions

As a Singapore PR, you get the liberty to live, stay or leave the country as you please. If you wish to change jobs, you no longer have to re-apply for work permits, essentially eliminating the risk of denial and guarantees (to some extent) your right to stay in the country.

More than just convenience, the security your PR status brings is priceless. Non-PRs run the risk of being deported should their get their employment pass application get rejected or delayed.

Opportunity to Give Your Family a Better Life

If your married, your immediate family likewise becomes eligible for the same status. In addition, your foreign parents would get to receive long-stay visas — a privilege not everyone enjoys.

Being a PR practically secures your family’s future. If your children have to go to school, they would be included in the high priority list, which increases their chances of getting admitted to a public school of your choice.

All Singapore PRs are obliged to take part in the government’s pension scheme: the Central Provident Fund scheme. This would serve a huge help for you financially when it comes to home ownership, healthcare and many other essentials later on.

Eligibility to Serve the Military

Permanent Residence status makes you eligible to volunteer for national service in Singapore. Joining the SAF Volunteer Corps lets you start a rewarding career in the military, and play your key non-combat roles in the force. With a wide array of vocations to choose from, you can pursue your interest while contributing to the Lion City’s defence.

The PR status is the only way for foreigners to hold a Singaporean passport someday. Unless you have no desire to enjoy the similar the pleasures Singaporean citizens exclusively enjoy, then it’s in your best interests to apply for your Blue Card ASAP.

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