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3 Things that a Chiropractor Can Do to Soothe Your Neck Pain

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neck pain reliefFor people looking treatments for neck pain, Utah is always the place to go. Hundreds of chiropractic clinics in the city can ease the pain using various therapy methods.

Neck pain relief clinics in Salt Lake City do not require patients to have appointments, so anybody suffering from neck pain can simply walk in and choose from the following methods:

1. Manual Cervical Traction

This is a well-known method of decompressing the muscles in the neck area to facilitate proper blood flow. It also gives the patient more mobility in turning his head in different directions.

The method involves letting the patient lie down flat on his back. The chiropractor would then place a folded towel underneath his head around the area just above the nape. He would then gently pull on both ends of the towel simultaneously, holding it in place for several minutes.

2. Trigger Point Therapy

Several studies support this claim, on how some types of muscles in the back act as so-called ‘trigger points’ that cause pain in the surrounding area, including the neck and the arms.

The therapy aims at relieving the problem at the source and involves the application of pressure on the levator scapulae and the trapezius muscles. These muscles encompass the upper back from the neck down to the middle of the back.

3. Hydrotherapy

Some clinics are starting to introduce this form of alternative treatment. This method has two effects: a.) treating the aches and pains that the patient is complaining about, and b.) to help patients avoid the recurrences of these same aches and pains in the future.

The therapy involves taking advantage of the natural movements of water in a tub or a specially designed pool. In some cases, the patient might be asked to perform various forms of aerobic exercises.

Finding a chiropractor who specializes in neck pain relief in Salt Lake City is very easy. Just check the Internet for the contact details of the clinics.

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