Solution for heat stroke

3 Simple Ways on How to Avoid Heat Stroke

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Solution for heat strokeHeat stroke usually occurs when your body cannot maintain its temperature. Sweating is the body’s mechanism to regulate a normal body temp, but in some case, you may not sweat or cool down yourself enough if the weather in Draper is hot and humid. And your first response to beat the hot day is to turn on your AC.

Suppose then that the unluckiest thing happened–your AC broke. No worries, though. Having an AC replacement is fast and swift. Just call an AC professional service and they’ll heed your call.

For the meantime, here are three easy steps from Hartman Heating and Air Conditioning to keep you cool while waiting for the replacement:

Drink Lots of Water or Juice

A hot weather makes your body to dry out faster and you’re more prone to dehydration. To avoid the worse conditions, such as heat stroke, drink lots of water or plenty of juices to replace the fluids that you have lost in your body. Add some cubes of ice to make you feel more refreshed.

Avoid Consumption of Caffeinated Drinks and Spicy Foods

Caffeinated drinks and spicy foods are both stimulants that can increase the body’s metabolism. Once this happens, your body temperature will also rise; hence, making you feel more uncomfortable. Don’t let yourself suffer even more. Instead of drinking coffee or eating spicy foods, have a cold yogurt or eat some cold sweets like ice cream.

Wear Light Clothing

When the weather is hot, it’s time to wear breezy tank tops and shorts. Embarrassed? No need to be. It’s only normal to wear light clothing especially during the summer season. And here’s another tip. Don’t wear black or dark-colored clothes. It absorbs more heat than light-colored clothing.

And last but not the least, don’t perform extreme activities under the screaming heat of sun. You’re just meeting your own heat stroke doom. Only do non-invasive activities, or better yet, stay indoors and enjoy the cool breeze of your air conditioner.

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