3 Questions You Should Ask About Your Website

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LaptopWith the Internet as your portal to almost everyone in the whole world, you can see it as a place where you can make a name for yourself. You want to show everyone on the World Wide Web what you can offer, and you’d attract more attention if you put your name out with a good website. So, after several days and nights of brainstorming, sampling, programming, and maybe a fight or two, you finally have a website that you can’t wait to show everyone – especially people who are interested in your business.

But, hold your horses just a little bit. Before your site goes online, suggests asking these questions first:

Is your website nice to look at?

Does your website clearly state who you are and what it is your business does? Does it provide detailed information about your career or your services? What key words would you want people to find your site with? Is there a good balance between text and words?

The way your website looks affects how people receive your business. If it looks like there’s too much or too little going on, and if they can’t make sense of what you’re trying to tell them at first sight, chances are that they’ll lose interest. In business, it’s not just about the content; the packaging also makes – or breaks – your success.

Is it coded well?

Websites are, as you may already know, software. And software often uses a special programming language for them to work. The most ideal for your website is either JavaScript or CSS, and it’s important that your website’s codes will work for all types of browsers. If not, it’ll cause glitches in your website, and search engines might not be able to find them easily. This will cause the hits on your site to drop.

Did you make your website for ‘real’ people?

Most of all, you need to understand that your website will have an audience. And this audience is largely composed of possible customers who would like to work with you. Even through your website, you should treat them with respect. They trust that you are not trying to deceive them, or that they won’t be unknowingly downloading harmful software or going to unrelated websites just by visiting your page. Most of the time, however, this is the problem for new websites: they cause problems to their visitors without either them or the site owner realizing it.

In short, when you have a new website, you should make it optimized for search engines. That way, people will find your website and encounter no problems with it. Although there are many ways for you to do this yourself, you can ask for help from search engine optimization experts. They know what will make your website accessible to search engines, helping you get more hits and, ultimately, promoting your name and your business.

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