3 Major Swimming Pool Models Based on Their Construction Materials

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Swimming Pool in Bibra LakeHaving a swimming pool at home is a dream come true for many property owners. Not only does it raise the value of your home, it allows you and your family fun moments together. But have you decided what kind of swimming pool you'd like installed in your backyard?

Palm City Pools may have the answer below.


The main contender of the lot simply because of their price range and required time for installation. Fibreglass pool prices are very competitive. They are pre-constructed and then installed in-ground via crane into your backyard. This large fibreglass bowl is lowered into a pre-dug area and it will only take roughly three days to complete from there. Fibreglass pools are available in a wide range of colours, finishes and shapes to cater for most backyards.


The oldest and most expensive of the three, this model is still considered as one of the best options for custom swimming pools. It involves pouring concrete for the base and then plaster and tiles are added afterwards. However, concrete pools can be very costly due to the associated labour costs and repairing them can be tricky. Installation can also last for around 3-4 months or even longer depending on the pool's size and design.


Vinyl is used to line the pool and there are currently many tile designs and colours to choose from. The shape and size of the pool is not a problem either as vinyl can be cut to follow the contours of your swimming pool. The biggest downside to a vinyl pool is longevity of the liner which can fade prematurely and will need to be replaced when it gets accidentally punctured or slashed.

Fibreglass pools come highly recommended because of their affordability and speedy installation. However, it would still be your choice which would best suit your needs and property. Make sure though that you stick to your selection because a swimming pool will be one of your home's permanent fixtures when it is completed and can add a great deal of value and enjoyment to your property.

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