3 Fun Things to Do in Cornwall

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Happy TouristsIt’s easy enough to pick out the best places to visit in famous places and cities around the world. With smaller, less popular spots, it might seem like a stretch to find fun places to visit. That’s not true, though, as the charm of less popular spots lies in the subtle and simpler joys they have on offer.

Cornwall is a deeply historical county with much to offer. From the architecture to haunted attractions in Cornwall such as Bodmin Jail, here are three great things to do in the county.

1. Architectural Tours

With a history going back as far as the Bronze Age and the Roman conquest of Britain, there’s a lot of beautiful architecture on display from the long history of the county. This includes oddities like The Egyptian House to the many Churches of the Anglican Church.

There are even medieval castles and fortresses as well as modern wonders like the Bude Tunnel. It’s easy to get lost in the buildings steeped in the history of the county.

2. Ghost Tours

There is many a haunted attraction in Cornwall for those who are looking for creepy, adrenaline-pumping thrills. These ghost walks usually feature comfortable strolls through sites known for their terrifying hauntings.

Apart from the chills brought about by the places themselves, there are also the stories of intrigue and tragedy that come with the tour. It’s certainly a unique perspective that goes off the beaten track in terms of tours.

3. Historical Tours

From Bronze Age to the time of the Britons, from the Roman occupation to the chaos of medieval times, and even the age of Cornish Piracy, many stories can be told of and about Cornwall. With an experienced and knowledgeable tour guide, you can immerse yourself in the fascinating history that shaped Cornwall is today.

There are even themed tours that meet anyone’s specific historical tastes – giving a great deal to do on subsequent visits.

If you want a fascinating, different, and affordable vacation, Cornwall holds enough history to fascinate anyone. These three certainly make the county worth a visit.

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