3 Design Changes for Your Home

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Home ImprovementThere are a number of ways you can make slight design changes to your home that make a big difference. Popular changes tend to include: bedroom renovations, repainting and adding new furniture pieces. However, there are several other places in your home that can also be improved to help add that ‘wow’ factor at little cost.

Glass Windows

Whilst windows are usually kept free from decorations, subtle improvements using neat and simple décor can enhance the look of your home without looking over-the-top. Try repainting the window frames to give contrast to the clear glass and highlight the view outside. Or, add small LED lights to the window frames to add warmth to the room, particularly at night.

For other ideas, have a look at Finesse-Windows.co.uk for more design inspiration.


Similar to the windows, conservatories are usually free of fancy decor. But, there are ways to enhance their appearance.

Having a well structured conservatory does make a good first impression. If purchasing a new conservatory, you could opt for a stained glass feature to form the focal point of the room, adding interest and character.

With conservatories typically enjoyed during the day, adding LED lights can add warmth and vibrancy to the room at night, these lights also reportedly help plants grow better.


The porch to your house offers the overall first impression to your guests. Instead of overcrowding this space with tables or benches, keep the space free from furniture and instead add colour with colourful lights and small potted plants for a warm and festive effect. It will be perfect for making a fantastic first impression to your home.

These features of your home may not be the first to come to mind when you think of design changes, but, with a little bit of creativity, they can bring a fresh new look and add that ‘wow’ factor and at little cost.

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