3 Crucial Mistakes That Could Drive Up Your Power Bills

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Air Conditioning Units in IndianaWhile air conditioning units improve the quality of life by keeping indoor air cool and comfortable, some practices place unnecessary strain on them. These lower the efficiency of the cooling unit and could even drive up your power bills.

Don’t open your windows

As tempting as it is to open your windows during the summer, you may be lowering the efficiency of your cooling unit. While the air is warm and lovely in the morning, it becomes unbearably hot as the day progresses. Switching on the AC may lower the temperature to a desirable level, but opening the windows will cause your unit to work harder and even increase wear and tear. In addition, an open window allows dust and pollen to enter your home, which could lead to allergies.

Do not skimp on maintenance

Filters get dirty, ducts get clogs, belts wear out, and cooling fluids get low over time. These occurrences lower the efficiency of your systems and could skyrocket energy consumption. Therefore, you should schedule regular AC service for your Indiana home to keep it in good condition.

Do not use ceiling fans the wrong way

Ceiling fans are not a substitute for AC units. Rather, they complement the function of the cooling unit. A fan can improve air circulation within the room to ensure even distribution. Check the fan and make sure the setting is in a counter-clockwise rotation to push the air downwards. This creates a wind chill effect and results in a better cooling effect.

Keeping cool during the hot months of the years should not cause you to incur huge power bills. With these pointers, you can affordably keep your home cool and comfortable.

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