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11 Ways to Keep Your Home Cool Throughout the Summer

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December is just around the corner and before you know it, summer’s already here! We have listed down a few simple yet excellent ways of cooling your home in Australia this summer without jacking up the electric bill.

11 Simple but Brilliant Ideas to Cool Your Home This Summer

Keep the blinds closed during the daytime, especially on windows that receive a huge amount of sunlight throughout the day. It will help keep much of the warmth out of the house. For rooms on the lower part of the house, you can turn the blinds upwards to prevent sunlight from creeping in.

2. Apply window film.

Applying a layer of heat-reducing film on your windows is a quick fix in keeping the house cool since about 30% of your house’s ambient heat comes through the window. You can find these online and are easy and quick to install.

3. Keep your AC unit well-maintained.

Whether you ask a professional to help clean your AC unit or do it yourself, a well-maintained AC undoubtedly keeps a house cool. As a bonus, a well-maintained unit is energy efficient. Make sure all its parts are in good working condition, especially the pumps. You can always consult Grundfos suppliers for recommendations.

4. Install a programmable thermostat.

Installing a programmable thermostat allows you to plot your AC’s operation around your schedule. Program the thermostat to turn on the air conditioning system a few minutes before you come home. This way, you don’t need to keep it running the whole day. 

5. Pimp your ducts.

Upgrade your vent system and install a duct booster fan. It helps draw in cool air in a hot room to lower the temperature.

6. Ceiling fans for the win.

Having ceiling fans in different areas of the house is a good way of keeping the temperature low without using too much power.

7. Use a portable AC.

A portable air conditioning unit is a great way to cool areas in your house since it is very portable. You may even use it in an already air-conditioned room to help cool the room even more. One alternative is installing a seasonal window-type unit in your main room which you can turn on when needed.

8. Plants and trees to the rescue.

A garden filled with trees and plants helps provide shade from the sunlight and keep the house perimeter cool. Though it will take some time for this to take full effect, the returns are more than worth it. Guess it’s time to start fixing your garden.

9. Keep the windows open at night.

open windows

The summer night breeze can help cool your rooms at night as it freely circulates around it. In the morning, you will feel refreshed and wake up to a cool home.

10. Use the grill more and ease up on the stove and oven.

Cooking indoors using an oven and a stove help bring the temperatures up, especially if your kitchen is not well ventilated. Opt to step outside and use the outdoor grill more this season. It’s a great time for backyard barbecues, anyway.

11. Leave interior doors open.

Keeping interior doors open helps air circulate more freely eliminating hot spots and regulating indoor temperature.

As summer is fast approaching, we hope you find these tips helpful in keeping your home cool and saving you from a spike in your electric bills.

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